Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Tapestry of Roses

I will sit by a gentle flowing stream
that holds the moon in silver radiance
and there, whisper solemnly this creed:
"I love you now as I loved you once":

And remember, my untutored lips
to say this, both in good or ill.

What song is this, within our hearts ringing?
what tune is this that graces our ears?
songs of love, with a melody pealing,
unknown to the sweetest of all birds:

Songs that tell of nothing else
except the passion that we share.

Let us leave the earth and take our place
in the assembly of the stars,
and our souls, dare to embrace
this offspring of our beating hearts:

Entwined tenderly with many-a-thousand posies,
bound, heart-to-heart by a tapestry of roses.

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