Friday, August 7, 2009


Swathe in the tenor
of the living air . . .


sconced in their
supple songs. Bright kernels.

Happy hills, collared by clouds
splaying sprinkles of gold
across the sea above,

Stem our Hearts

in the Chrysalis - the bud
between sunrise and our dream.
Shore the surf
In a merry scamper,

waves wading, the crisp chortle

of the sands.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Dream Sequence

Soft flutter of wings . . .

Wisps of hair preens the breeze,
merry bells,


from between her lips . . .

My heart ticks
apace with the freezing heat - 
pure light - 

snow-white flash in tundra sheets . . .

Stillness becomes me - 
only a finger flickers,

as I, reaching still,

to touch her heart . . .

It flames!

Serenade - A New Moon

Silver tusk on the tired
shoulder of night . . .

Melody, quivering down the
string on your horns like
restless rivulets from rippling rain-reeds.

Brave harp,
daring the shadow
of clouds - life hanging;
swinging on a dream.

Cascading thoughts,
plump with the visions of night,
moonbeams raising stardust
as the furrows mount the mounds . . .

A bolder strain, yet, sweet lyre
for the sentient seeds;

Break the silence

on the plough . . .

The Brimming Chalice

Eyitemi Egwuenu's collection of poetry, The Brimming Chalice, is an attempt to grapple with the most subtle inflections of tone, colour and being.